Timex automatic day date water resistant vintage GC Rare

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A vintage timex day date automatic mans wrist watch in good working order keeps good time, automatic functions fine. Dial is marked timex water resistant automatic. Back cover reads water resistant stainless steel back. Some marks on glass check out photo.  Day / date mechanism turns over manually have not left it charged to run overnight yet.

Watch case, glass, movement seem original, possibly the back, it looks like it has been into Timex for a service or perhaps just another stamp they have added inside the back. Old black leather strap still fine.

The only thing I can’t figure is how to adjust the date/day, i.e. I can set the day or the date but not both. Maybe something with the mechanism or just the way this watch works, being an old time-piece. I don’t want to open it and damage it so perhaps one of you with more experience wants to take a look, I may put it into an expert shortly.

Timex #s at bottom of dial – 46860 03374 indicating 1974 version of a  watch first believed to be produced in 1973 (movement # M33)
A truly rare model, very hard to find this or even much information on it.

Item #Timex 11103


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3 Responses to Timex automatic day date water resistant vintage GC Rare

  1. Brett says:

    I had the same problem about setting it. You can find the answer here!

    1. Pull out the crown on the right hand side of the watch.

    2. Advance the crown so the time advances clockwise until the day is correct.

    3. Rotate the crown so the time is going counter-clockwise (the opposite direction) until the date “clicks”. (the day will click first, then the date).

    4. Rotate the crown so the time is going clockwise again and the date will advance.

    5. Continue this back and forth action of rotation until the date is correct.

    6. Push in the crown and you’re done!

  2. Steven Chaney says:

    Just ran across that same watch my grandfather gave me. It must have been on the high end of Timex watch collection. A really heavy, nice looking time piece.

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